Download TSTower for Poles User's Manual

Geometry Definition

Based on the given pole height, top and bottom diameters and number of sections, TSTower calculates the top and bottom diameters of every section, the minimum required overlap distance between sections and the weight of each section. This saves the engineer the hassle of doing these trivial but time-consuming calculations.


The engineer may change the following parameters:

  • Joint type between sections from telescopic to flange type and vise versa
  • Pole height, number of sections, bottom and top diameters may be changed at any point on this screen
  • Calculated section heights and overlap distances can be overwritten to reflect actual dimensions
  • Top and bottom diameters may be overwritten for flange type of poles
  • Cross-section type can be specified to one of the following sections, 6-sided, 8-sided, 12-sided, 16-sided, 18-sided, 20-sided, 24-sided or circular cross-section
  • Section thickness for any of the pole sections can be specified as per available plate thicknesses

TSTower recalculates the new dimensions and properties to reflect any change to the above parameters. The profile is also drawn to scale on the preview window that is on the side of the screen. This eliminates errors; confusion at the input level as what you see is what you get.

Antennas and Appurtenances Definition

From the Antenna menu, the engineer may define the type and size of microwave antennas used. A comprehensive database of microwave antennas is available and comes integrated with TSTower. The exact location and orientation of the antenna is determined in space depending on the engineer's definition of the radius, azimuth, and orientation


Again, TSTower draws to scale the cross-section at the specific antenna level on the preview window. Similar graphical input procedures are available for transmission lines and ladders that utilize an integrated transmission lines and steel sections databases. Additional auxiliaries mounted on the pole can be defined by their projected areas and weights. The engineer need not to do any of the forces calculations as that is generated internally as per the specified relevant codes.

Loads Preparation and Analysis

The engineer specifies the design wind and ice requirements and the wind angles required for the analysis. TSTower calculates all the applied loads following the specified design code. The analysis is performed using a true 3-dimensional finite element beam model using non-linear geometrical capabilities. Results are available for up to 48 cases of loading per each analysis.


Results are available for each of the loading cases from which applied loads (normal forces, shear and bending moments) are shown as well as resulting deformations (deflections and rotations). A structural assessment of the pole is performed and the results are shown in colored contours. Results can be shown for any desired wind direction or the computed maximum.



TSTower calculations printout is as detailed as the engineer's requirements. The printout may include all load calculations, applied forces, resulting deformations, and stresses. TSTower draws a profile of the pole design showing the geometrical properties and the loading specifications.

Base Plate Design

At this stage the engineer may want to design the base plate and the anchor bolts for the structure. That is also included in the package as the reactions are automatically transferred into the base plate module and the engineer may change the design parameters to come up with the required base plate thickness and anchor bolt size. Available steel grades, plate thicknesses and bolt sizes are included in the drop down lists.



In conclusion, our customers have indicated that TSTower is a reliable piece of software that helped them cut dramatically their engineering time. We hope that that is your conclusion too after you go step by step through our working demo version of TSTower that we are offering free of charge. This demo version is a full working version with a set height as the only limitation, so feel free to browse through it.

 Download TSTower for Poles User's Manual

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