TSFoundations is a general computer program for the analysis and design of tower foundation.  Towers can either have triangular or square cross sections.


  • Graphical user interface that is user friendly, interactive, and utilizes state-of the art graphics.
  • The scope of the program:
    •    Design/Analysis of pier and pad foundation supporting guyed mast tower.
    •    Design/Analysis of spread footing (separate pier and pad for tower leg) for triangular or square self-supporting towers.
    •    Design/Analysis of mat foundation for monopole tower.
    •    Design/Analysis of mat foundation (one mat and 3 or 4 piers) for triangular or square self-supporting towers.
    •    Design/Analysis of anchor block foundations for guyed masts.
    •    Design/Analysis of drilled caisson foundations supporting all kinds of towers
    •    Design/Analysis of rock anchors supporting guys of guyed towers
  • Capacity assessments follow the applicable codes:
    •    Canadian CSA S37-01, CSA S37-13, CSA S37-18 and CSA S37-24.  American TIA/EIA 222-F,  ANSI/TIA-222-G and ANSI/TIA 222-H
    •    Canadian Standard “Design of Concrete Structures” A23.3-04 and American “Building Code Requirement for Reinforced Concrete” ACI 318-05 for the capacities of reinforced concrete components
  • Output is concise, useful and detailed.
  • Convenient switch between metric and imperial units at any point of the analysis.
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