TSTower is proud to present its comprehensive structural analysis and design software for communication towers. This software has been developed by Engineers who are experinced designers of towers . TSTower is equipped with a user friendly interface that allows the user to see the scaled model while inputting the data.


  • Graphical user interface that is user friendly, interactive, and utilizes state-of the art graphics.
  • Three-dimensional finite element analysis including second order effects.
  • Interactive review of all analysis and design results.
  • Automatic generation of dead, wind and ice loads on the structure.
  • Automatic capacity assessment as per relevant codes.
  • Automatic generation of geometry based on user-generated database of sections.
  • Comprehensive databases of microwave antennas, transmission lines and ladders.
  • Profile printout generated.
  • Strict compliance with following standards for load preparation, and member capacity assessment:
    ANSI/TIA/EIA 222-F-1996
    ANSI/TIA 222-G-2005
    ANSI/TIA 222-H-2018
    ANSI/TIA 222-I-2024  
    CSA S37-01
    CSA S37-13
    CSA S37-18
    CSA S37-24
  • Output is concise, useful and detailed.
  • Output profile in .DXF format.
  • Ability to use Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software to perform analysis of guyed and self supporting structures. A particular strength of the Robot product is the ability to model catenary cables accurately and quickly.
  • Convenient switch between metric and imperial units at any point of the analysis.
  • Analysis of member capacities, connections (Bolts, anchor rods and base plates) is included.


Download a free functional demo limited only by height.

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